Fast Break College Basketball 2003

Fast Break College Basketball 2003

Fast Break College Basketball is a basketball simulation computer game
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Brian Nichols

Fast Break College Basketball is a basketball simulation computer game. This is the opportunity you might have been waiting for to coach a college basketball team. Fast Break College Basketball contains 327 current Division I teams. You will be able to choose the dates and number of teams included for each tournament.

When you create your league, you can set “the year” to start from. You can also play both single-player and online leagues, and you can edit the rookie class, Player of the Month, Hall of Fame, and different options through a draft preview screen.

Fast Break College Basketball has a unique coaching development system. Job offers will be available if your current coaching with your current team is successful. Coaches from AI will have their own strategy for running their programs. The history section can be checked for past results such as All-American and All-Conference teams.

The program includes customizable pre-season tournaments, and there are full NIT and NCAA style tournaments at season end. As a coach, you are able to recruit basketball players from over 11,000 US high schools, junior colleges, and also from foreign countries, as well as assistant coaches. You can recruit, scout, and develop players, manage rotations, plan games, etc. There are four different rating styles: 1-10, 1-20, 1-100, A-F. Graduates can be exported with Fast Break Basketball and Season Ticket Basketball.

Non-conference schedule can be chosen to determine the opponent, the game location, and game type (home or home-series). The leaders of sophomore centers from the West Coast Conference can be chosen thanks to an in-depth player leader’s option. Exhibition games export any team during the season for exhibition play.

Luckily I was able to install the game in two different computers. The installation of the program is smooth and it runs swiftly in Windows 2000 and later. The user interface is nice and shows you a lot of information through drop-down menus and its different data screens. A handy feature is the sim speed control, which you can use when you are having problems with keeping up the pace. The program is wholly customizable and I am sure that it will meet your basketball “coaching” expectations, but if you are just a common basketball fan then you will have to do a lot of hard research and dozens of customizations to master it.

Luis Sanchez
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